Dude, don’t get a Gateway

At least not the M675 model. My friend and I both ordered them for the current contract programming project we’re doing, and he just received his third shipment after sending the other two back since they had major hardware problems right out of the box. Yes, you heard me right: the first replacement they sent was also broken (different problem, but still…) I was actually lucky enough to only have to send back the malfunctioning DVD/CDRW combo on mine, but I still don’t like the odds. That is why I picked a Dell for Martha, and I probably will continue to go with them for laptops until I hear otherwise.

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4 Responses to Dude, don’t get a Gateway

  1. Betty says:

    Aug 19, 2005Wish I’d read this first. My Gateway 9310S was defective right out of the box. I wanted to return it and sent them an e-mail within the 15 day window of receiving it and they have been stonewalling me ever since. Since I’m not a computer tech I had no idea if this problem was something that could be easily fixed with a few clicks of the keyboard under the guidance of one of their technicians, I did the “fixes’ they suggested -including erasing the hard drive and reinstalling all the software …THREE TIMES!!
    By the time their techs decided it was a serious problem, the 15 days had passed and they began telling me it’s too late to return it.
    I reluctantly accepted a replacement hard drive – that I had to install myself! Since that didn’t work it was obvious they had no idea how to fix it and were just grasping at straws. There are so many problems with it I don’t want a remanufactuired lemon. I want my money back! (I had VISA reverse thecharges onto their bank – maybe that will get their attention. They now are willing to do the repairs themselves – which leaves me with a box full of parts I never requested and will becharged for if the replacements are not sent back in 7 days.
    Stay tuned!

  2. JB says:

    Funny you should comment on this right now, because my monitor just died last week on my laptop I mentioned above, and I had to send it back in for replacement. Fortunately, we bought the extended coverage so it is all paid for, but it’s still a big inconvenience.

    I hear your pain on the walking through stuff with the techs on the phone. Fortunately, I knew how to explain the problem to them in such a way that they realized I knew what I was talking about and that they just needed to give me a replacement without jumping through all the hoops, but I definitely pity anyone who doesn’t know the right “lingo” calling and trying to have them diagnose the problem.

  3. Dan says:

    Dude buy a powerbook.

  4. JB says:

    Na, that would mean you’d have to use the Mac OS.

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