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I’m looking for some recommendations on online feed readers, since Google Reader isn’t all that great after all. If anyone (like Dan) can get me into the Feedlounge trial from Alex that would be cool, but I’m also just looking for general recommendations of any others out there that are already released. I’ve tried Bloglines a long time ago, but I’m sure it’s changed some since then.

To be realistic, I don’t really know whether any of the readers here use them or have tried them besides Dan, so this is probably mostly a question I could have just emailed to him, but I thought I’d open it up for everyone to comment.

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  1. nstryker says:

    dan’s been yackin’ about that flock can solve all my feedreader lustings. i don’t use em because they don’t do what i think is logically obvious: you enter a set of feeds to monitor, and when you visit the site it gives you a list of all the feeds that have been updated since you visited last. right there on the front page. no clicking between feeds or anything. just visit a single page for all your feed needs. i’m thinking of building it myself.

  2. JB says:

    A while back, I was thinking about doing a WordPress plugin to do just that, but like many other bright ideas, I never got around to it (at least not yet).

    I have a way to do it that I think would make it pretty speedy too, which I understand is an issue for many online RSS readers.

    I’d like to hear more about how Flock does it, though. The downside (kind of) is that you’d have to use Flock (which isn’t widely available yet) wherever you were (I’m guessing), and one of the big reasons to use an online reader is so that you can read it from anywhere.

  3. Aref says:

    You can find here a matrix with 33 web based rss reader :

  4. Dan says:

    You’re right I’ve done a lot of research on this topic. Feedlounge is by far the best solution out there but you need an invite until they release it into beta. They are having a lot of issues with it right now and they need to get those speed issues resolved before they even try a beta release because it would tank.

    As for other solutions:
    Bloglines is confusing as is Newsgator’s online service.
    Feed on Feeds is great but there are some real problems in the UI, that I don’t like, but many others wouldn’t mind.

    One that I hadn’t tried is orangoo.

    I only brought up flock because it seemed like a good solution for Nathan’s habits. It does the same thing as Safari RSS.

    I recommend TinyRSS it now supports MySQL and I used it briefly.

  5. Dan says:

    Karma is giving me some errors, probably because of all the links.

  6. Dan says:


    I’ve used it for 5 minutes and love it.

  7. JB says:

    You’re right; it rocks.

  8. Dan says:

    what is your username? I want to check out the sharing functionality?

  9. JB says:

    Just my name, no spaces, etc.

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