Lost night!

Season 3 premiers tonight. Can it live up to the hype and expectations? Probably not, but then again there was a lot of expectation after season one, and the season two premier was pretty huge in terms of advancing the story to the next stage, so who knows.

In case it fell off your feed reader since last season, don’t forget to start monitoring underwaterhatch.com (our Lost blog) again, as I’m sure the posts will start to pick up again there as the season gets underway. I won’t be posting about Lost on this blog, since we have that site already dedicated to that.

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7 Responses to Lost night!

  1. JB says:

    Well, it was definitely good… at least the part after the first ten minutes. I’m not saying the beginning was bad, mind you, just that I unfortunately can’t comment on it…

  2. michel says:

    That’s cool, but I don’t watch Lost. I wish we had a Grey’s Anatomy blog. They exist, obviously, but one for friends would fun.

  3. JB says:

    I can set one up for you guys on my server if you want.

  4. michel says:

    Hey, that would be awesome! Do you think Martha and Sara would post? Girls?

  5. Martha says:

    Maybe a little…I said no initially, but it would be fun to see what other people say about our obsession.

  6. michel says:

    Well, Jared… if it’s not too much trouble. I mean I could do it too, but it would probably take twice as long. Is it easy for you? I bet you’d get into it Martha once we get the conversation rolling. Hmmm, what should we call it? Shades of Grey: A Grey’s Anatomy Blog?

  7. JB says:

    Sure, no problem. Just let me know what domain name you want and I’ll register it and set it up pretty quickly. I’ve got a VPS, so it doesn’t cost me any extra for the hosting, etc.

    shadesofgrey.org is available (.com and .net are taken, but not related), or if there’s something else you’d prefer just let me know.

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