Thou shalt use RSS

I know I’ve mentioned this a number of times on here before, but if you read any number of blogs on a regular basis and are not using an RSS reader to keep track of them, you are wasting quite a bit of time.

I brought it up on this conversation from Dan’s blog, and Dan suggested that Nathan might not use an RSS reader. Say it ain’t so, Nathan!

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10 Responses to Thou shalt use RSS

  1. Dan says:

    Yes, we should all use RSS so we can still see censored images. :)

  2. nstryker says:

    i don’t use rss because i still having found a reader that actually saves me clicks. see our previous discussions on tabbed browsing.

  3. JB says:

    Odd; I do remember the tabbed browsing discussion, but I don’t remember any mention aof being able to open one page/tab and see all content from all the sites you want to check without any additional clicks (which is what I do with Google Reader). How do you accomplish reading all those blogs in fewer than one click?

  4. Dan says:

    Nathan: GR supports key commands so it’s just one and a few spacebars. And if you just use GR for your friends it should save you a ton of time because you’d only have one label. You could also create a site from your labels similar to my GR “shared” blog which you could subscribe to :)

    Friends site
    Shared Site

  5. Dan says:

    Your akismet settings are borking my comments.

  6. nstryker says:

    when google reader first came out, you had to click a feed to see its content, rather than mixing sources and organizing everything by date. if each entry is thrown into a single page, sorted by date, i’ll give it a shot.

  7. JB says:

    Dan: Sorry about that; it wasn’t Akismet; your IP was somehow in one of the blacklists.

    Nathan: Yes, it’s quite a bit better now than it was at first; I wouldn’t use the first release when it came out either. Now, if you’d like you could see everything you subscribe to on one big list and scroll through it on one page, although if you subscribe to a number of different sources, it’s more practical to tag them and then go to the page that groups all posts from feeds with that tag (as Dan mentioned) sorted by date (ascending or descending).

    It’s especially useful for comments; I can’t even imagine keeping up on a conversation going on in the comments under a post without RSS. That’s probably why I don’t tend to participate as much as I’d like to in conversations hosted in blogs that run on Blogger (for example) as opposed to WordPress, because WP has comment feeds.

  8. Nick says:

    About a year ago I tried using Sage, and I hated it, so I decided that RSS readers were not my thing. I got used to opening the blogs that I read in tabs and quickly going through to check if there were any new posts or new comments. I can usually remember how many comments each post had the last time I read the blog, which saves me from checking the comments of each post to see if there is anything new. After this post I decided to try Google Reader and I really like it.

    One thing I like is being able to know if anyone comments on an older post, which I usually wouldn’t be keeping track of.

  9. JB says:

    That was really cool.

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