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Well, after spending a day yesterday operating pretty much exclusively off of my phone/PDA, I’m ready to give my impressions of the Minimo browser from Mozilla, as well as the other options available (or at least that I have installed) on my device.

Minimo (currently at version 0.2) is a slimmed down version of the Firefox browser designed for use on mobile devices. It is pretty fully featured for such a small app, including good web standards support (probably the best in its class, of all the options I’ve seen) and javascript/AJAX support for those new fangled Web 2.0 apps. As far as features and standards compliance goes, it definitely beats out the other two browsers I have installed (Pocket IE and Opera Mini).

The downside is right now it’s noticeably slower than the other two choices as well, and as far as mobile browsers go, that is a deal breaker for me. Actually Opera Mini isn’t too quick either when compared to Internet Explorer, but that may vary depending on the JVM version it’s working off of, and I don’t really like the one I’ve got on there now. Internet Explorer is blazingly fast compared to the other two (perhaps because it doesn’t try to support as much stuff as the others, and/or because they have the development advantage of being made by the same company as the OS).

So, the bottom line is that I ended up still using IE for most things, just because it was faster. It handles most everything I need to use it for (primarily GMail, Google Reader, and various other sites / blogs), but I’ll keep the others installed in case I ever run across a site I need more substantial javascript support for. I’ll also try to keep up with the Minimo releases, since for various reasons I’d love to use it instead of IE, once it can match or beat it in speed.

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  1. JB says:

    I almost forgot: Minimo also has tabs. Although I don’t find tabs very useful in general for web browsing, they are slightly more useful here because I don’t think either of the other browsers I mentioned above allow you to have multiple pages open at once, since there are no multiple windows.

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