Fitness update: week 4

Monday is the weigh-in day, and today I’m not slacking on posting this update since it was a great week.

I lost 7 more pounds this week, for a total of 17 over the 4 weeks since I started, and the largest single week so far.

I had noticed the downward trend over the last 3 weeks (5,3,2), so I decided to take some steps to correct that course a little bit. I got pretty strict on the diet (only chicken, egg whites, vegetables, and lots of water of course), and I also stepped up the running from at least 20 minutes a day to at least 30 minutes.

Last week I had said I was going to try to run twice a day, but then I realized that on a lot of days that just won’t work, so I decided just to at least increase the time every day, which seemed to work out OK.

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3 Responses to Fitness update: week 4

  1. Dave Z says:

    Wow! good job. 17 pounds in 4 weeks is impressive. You must be looking different.

    Are you doing anything special with stretching?

  2. JB says:

    Thanks. I haven’t really been doing any stretching at all.

  3. Dave Z says:

    My buddy does yoga type stretches before surfing or mtn biking, has had very few injuries,
    I started a scaled down version of last night,
    feel it today.

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