SD West Update

Well, I haven’t posted much on this yet so far, and I don’t know if I’ll get time to do much posting anytime soon; maybe after I get back I’ll go into more detail on all the stuff.

Right now I’m just basically getting time to catch my breath and do a few quick posts, catch up on feeds, etc., because it’s been basically a solid week of good technical learning. There’s a huge amount of new stuff to explore, and (as usual with these types of things) the main challenge is resisting the urge to jump in and start a hundred new little side projects to explore all the new stuff, and ending up staying up all night, etc.

On the non-techie front, the plane ride up was pretty bumpy. Going from LA to San Jose airport they use the smaller planes, so you really feel the turbulence quite a bit. A couple people I talked to on the plane that make the trip regularly did say that it was rougher than usual, so at least that’s encouraging for the upcoming ride back.

I’ve got a rare chunk of free time now tonight, so I think I’ll spend the rest of it catching up on non-programming related stuff (for a bit of balance), head out to grab some dinner, and then maybe watch a few of the Star Trek episodes I brought with me.

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