Ad Shock

I’ve been running the alpha build of the next version of Ubuntu for a while now, and the other day I encountered a situation that surprised me by revealing how ugly the web has gotten lately. As is the case when running an alpha release, occasionally some parts are updated before others, and in this case Firefox 3 was updated to a version that the AdBlock Plus extenion hadn’t supported yet (although that update came the next day).

It was odd how many sites are covered with (and aesthetically ruined by) ads. Even the ones that fit in (in terms of style and/or context) are still extremely annoying when you’ve gotten used to not seeing them. I guess the ad blocking extension (plus others like NoSscript) has been sheltering me to the degree that I didn’t notice how bad it was getting.

Anyone else notice this? If you are browsing the web without these kind of extensions, why?

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One Response to Ad Shock

  1. nstryker says:

    i think i’m pretty much numb to the ads, so i barely even notice them. why am i not running those extensions? cuz i don’t care and i don’t run any extensions. the payoff isn’t worth having one more thing to track in my life.

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