Accident Aftermath

I was just heading over to the grocery store and came upon the scene of a single car accident within seconds of when it happened.

Two joggers who had witnessed the crash were running over from the other side of the street, and waved at me – asking me to call 911. I did so, and got a busy signal. I kept trying as I pulled over and got out of the car, and never sucessfully connected. Luckily someone in a house nearby shouted over the wall that they had reached 911, so I gave up that part.

As I approached the car, it was a wreck, and I was prepared to see the worst. The car had knocked out a bus stop pole as well as a no parking sign pole, with the sign having been flung off the pole and far down the sidewalk. A large tree had stopped the car, embedding itself / slicing through the passenger side of the front of the car, from the headlight up to and partially through the windshield, leaving the car basically halfway wrapped around the tree. The driver’s side headlight had ejected itself out of its “socket” (sorry not a car person) and into the middle of the street.

There was oil and other fluid spilling everywhere from beneath the car; there were odd smells, but no distinct smell of fuel and the car was no longer running. Getting a little closer I could see that the airbags had deployed and could hear the driver (a young girl) crying. She then started flailing a bit and pushing the airbag out of the way, and was moving around quite a bit, which I figured was a surprisingly good sign.

I asked her if she was OK and she answered “yes”. Her voice was still weepy, but I could tell at this point that she seemed a bit more scared than hurt. Then her hand pops up to her head, holding her phone – turns out she had dialed 911 herself as well and had gotten through. She started talking to them a bit, and then reached over, opened her door, and stumbled out of the car. A woman who had come out from a nearby house helped her stumble over to a curb and sit down, but amazingly she seemed to be able to walk somewhat on her own (kind of) for at least that short distance.

Looking at the absolutely demolished state of the vehicle, I considered her relative well being (at least based on outward signs) to be nothing short of a miracle.

Pretty crazy night. On a lighter note, if anyone’s interested, I actually have another story of an encounter I had with a single car accident a long time ago in a far away land, with a bit more humourous slant to it. Let me know if anyone’s interested in hearing that one.

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5 Responses to Accident Aftermath

  1. linuxgrl says:

    Geez man I hear more car accident stories from you then anyone else. Are you out driving the worst intersections in American on a regular basis? I thought to ask for pics but realized how creepy it might have been for the victim and others on the scene to see a stranger taking pics. So alas I will not ask for fear of sounding creepy. I would be interest in a tab dedicated to your accident stories…

  2. JB says:

    Yeah, no pictures – for the reasons you mentioned. Hopefully I won’t have too many more experiences like that to share in the future.

  3. Dave Z says:

    Wow, good thing she wasn’t seriously injured and you were didn’t leave the house a little sooner and may have been involved.
    The airbags do fill up the front seat with a odd smelling ” smoke “. An accident I came upon had the odd smell and smoke, I thought the car might be smoldering but it was from the air bags. It saved the person from smacking their head but added to the panic of the driver asking if the car was on fire.

  4. Dave Z says:

    Tell the other one.

  5. JB says:

    Well, actually after thinking about the one I was referring to earlier, there are some relevant details that I’d rather not put here on the blog, so I’ll have to tell that one in person.

    However, I did just witness another one this weekend that I can post about shortly… This is getting a little weird.

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