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Dark Knight Review

I thought the movie was great. I think watching it at the tail end of spending a week in the big city may have enhanced the experience a bit, but I’m positive that seeing it on in IMAX definitely did. … Continue reading

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Free Cookies From Starbucks

The fine folks at Starbucks just gave me a big box of cookies that they can’t sell anymore since they expire today. Of course, I currently have nowhere to store them, so the next person on the street who asks … Continue reading

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I Don't Recommend FriendFeed

The other day I recommended FriendFeed as an alternative to Mugshot for link sharing. Today I withdraw that recommendation. It was clearly a mistake for me to recommend the service since I had never actually used it myself; I was … Continue reading

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Is Mugshot Dead?

In case you’re not familiar with Mugshot, see my previous posts about it: Initial review, Follow-up. I’m starting to wonder whether this project has been abandoned. I haven’t seen much progress recently, and their blog and developer wiki both seem … Continue reading

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