Is Mugshot Dead?

In case you’re not familiar with Mugshot, see my previous posts about it: Initial review, Follow-up.

I’m starting to wonder whether this project has been abandoned. I haven’t seen much progress recently, and their blog and developer wiki both seem to be very rarely updated.

I got to wondering about this today, as I tried to load a linked article and it took three tries (after one timeout and one server error) in order to get the link (which routes through their server) to even open the article. Of course, that only served to remind me how frustrated I am with this app / service.

My number one gripe remains that a large portion of the content is not accessible (via services, feeds, or notifications – or anything for that matter) outside of their client application or via a browser directly on their site. In this day and age, I don’t think that’s acceptable for a social networking app.

Since this blog is the #1 Google search result for “mugshot review” (which in itself is probably another bad sign), I have a glimmer of hope that someone – anyone – involved with the project might take notice and at least comment to say that the project is still alive. As a bonus, they could also address my concerns above.

Like I mentioned last time, if it weren’t for some of you who actually use it to share links, I would have dropped Mugshot a long time ago. Perhaps I need to begin my campaign to get you guys to switch to something else. :-)

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6 Responses to Is Mugshot Dead?

  1. Nick says:

    I’m not really interested in feeds or anything else for that matter, except for sharing links. If there is another way to do this that is as effortlessly and quickly as with Mugshot, then I’m open to it. I also really like the Mugshot Stacker. I don’t like that there isn’t an update for the mugshot extension so that it will work with Firefox 3. Other than that I don’t really need anything changed for it to work the way I like it.

  2. JB says:

    For link sharing, I prefer Google Reader (for feeds) and for any other types of links.

    The one thing these two are missing is the ability for others to add comments, but that’s why I’ve started copying them in here.

    So I guess you could say that blogs are good for the purpose of link sharing, because they provide all the same features PLUS (usually) the ability to subscribe to feeds of updates (comments and new items) so that you can see them all in one place.

    There are also tools like FriendFeed that will serve a similar purpose, if you’re not interested in hosting your own blog and don’t care about “owning” your own data. I haven’t signed up for FriendFeed yet, so I don’t know whether they provide an external feed for comments on your friends posted items, which I do think is important, but if so, then that would be a viable alternative to the consolidated blog approach that I’m currently using.

    Basically, RSS makes it possible for me to read *almost* everything I care about reading in one place (my RSS reader – currently Google Reader). Therefore, it is a pain when certain services (Pownce and Mugshot) do not provide options for doing that. I’d even be OK with e-mail notifications if RSS feeds are too difficult, but even those are missing out in these two cases, forcing me to take an additional separate step and go to their site / application to check for those updates.

  3. Dan Cameron says:

    You guys should use FriendFeed and create a room for link sharing. It’s easier to comment because it doesn’t matter what people use, e.g. delicious, google shared, twitter or just use one of their many plugins or apps.

  4. Nick says:

    Lamo extension can not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 3.

  5. JB says:

    Re: plugin for FF3 – There is an updated version that does work; I’ve been using it for a while. I can find a link for it if you want.

    I noticed you signed up on FriendFeed; I guess now I’ll have to go check it out.

  6. Nate says:

    Nick, there is a ff3 mugshot plugin. I got it with the latest update. Since you’re a second class citizen using windows you probably haven’t gotten updated yet.

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