Quick Mugshot Gripe

Just wrapped up a 304-comment-long conversation over on Mugshot that occurred over the last few hours.

Of course, I can’t link to it from here (gripe #1), and even if I could, no one will ever be able to see the majority of the conversation (gripe #2), since you can only get to the last bunch. I don’t know what the exact count is they show, but if it’s around 50, that means 83% of it is essentially lost, except for in the minds of the three of us who were there.

And yes, I know it’s probably stretching / exceeding the bounds of what that comment (“quips” actually) system was intended for, but it still kind of stinks.

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One Response to Quick Mugshot Gripe

  1. Dan Cameron says:

    You can only see those 50 or so comments if you download the app that only runs on windows and linux though. So I can see the goodnight comments and that’s it.

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