Graffiti = Freedom

Berlin WallWe went to the Reagan library today, and it has a chunk of the Berlin wall on display. *

I’ve always felt that in one sense graffiti can be seen as a good sign, since it’s one indication that a particular government isn’t so overly oppressive that people can’t express themselves in this way for fear of being shot or too harshly punished.

The surprising part was that the tour guide actually pointed this aspect – the fact that the western side had graffiti and the eastern side did not – out to the kids in our middle school group. I joked to Martha that next week they’ll find some expressions of freedom on the school campus. :-)

Considering the nature of the other information presented at the libary (I’ll just call it a bit “slanted” in favor of Reagan, as would be expected in a library dedicated to him, and avoid getting into the political details), it was kind of a nice surprise to get a little hint of endorsing subversive political activism mixed in, whether it was intentional or not.

* Credit to citron_smurf for the image, since I didn’t bring the camera.

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