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Last Airbender Review / Rant

Brief Summary: I enjoyed it. It wasn’t nearly as good as the cartoon (more detail later), but taken on its own, for what it was, I thought it was OK. Not great, but certainly not deserving (IMHO) of the bashing it has received, especially relative to that other recent “Avatar” movie, which I thought was pretty bad (way worse than this). Continue reading

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The Apple / AOL Analogy

OK, so a couple days ago I posted this Twitter message:

The iOS/AppStore model is essentially making the same appeal as AOL (vs. open internet) in the early 90′s – safer, polished, easier to use.

Unfortunately, the constraints of Twitter just make it too difficult to really explain or discuss that kind of thing, so I thought I’d flush out what I meant by it here instead. Continue reading

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