WordPress Tagboard Plugin / Widget

[Update] – This plugin is stale

Sorry, but this hasn’t been maintained in a while and may be unsuitable for use in current versions of WordPress, since I don’t use it anymore and therefore haven’t tried it.

It’s also unlikely that I’ll be updating it in the future, but the code is out there and I heartily encourage anyone who wants to take it over / fork it to do so.

[2009/09/12] Thinking about updating this again… please leave a comment here to let me know if you’d be interested in using it.

FreePress Tagboard 2.2 is a tagboard plugin for WordPress blogs.

It is based on the excellent AJAX Shoutbox tagboard originally published by Andrew Sutherland, with a few modifications to make it work the way I wanted it to.

Key features include:

  • All the AJAX-y goodness of the original, so that all the participants can see the new messages in the conversation as it progresses, without refreshing the page.
  • Redesigned backend that uses the WordPress comment system to save and manage the messages submitted. This has the advantage of any spam prevention plugins (like Akismet and/or Spam Karma 2) to help keep the unwanted entries at bay.
  • Repackaged as a “widget“, which allows for easy configuration and placement in the sidebar.

Download FreePress Tagboard Widget
Temporarily unavailable pending a rewrite. Sorry.


  1. Extract all files in the archive into your plugins directory. The archive should contain a folder called “freepress”, which should be placed directly under the plugins directory, and all the files distributed with this plugin should be in the “freepress” folder. For example: /var/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/freepress/tagboardWidget.php
  2. If you are using the widgets plugin, the tagboard will automatically appear as an available widget for your sidebar.
  3. If you prefer to manually add the tagboard to your theme, you can insert the following code wherever you’d like the tagboard to show up:


If you are using the out-of-the-box options for WordPress (as of recent versions), there is a setting under Options \ Discussion with the label “Comment author must have a previously approved comment“, which is checked by default. If this remains checked, then it will apply to the tagboard as well (since it uses the WP comment system). This will mean that tags from previously unrecognized users will be held in moderation, and it will appear to those users that the tagboard is not working. If you don’t want this, I’d suggest unchecking the box for now. I’m debating whether to include that as a separate option in the tagboard config page and have the tagboard ignore that part of the WP comment filter, based on user feedback.

Bug fix notice:

Prior to version 2.1 of this plugin, there was an issue which resulted in non-registered users not being able to submit a tag using the tagboard. This was caused by an oversight on my part in remembering that the WordPress discussion option labeled “Comment author must fill out name and e-mail” is checked by default, and there is no e-mail address field provided by the tagboard. For now, it will just include a dummy address (for non-registered users) to avoid that issue. In the future, it will either add an e-mail field for non-registered users or avoid that restriction for the tagboard, depending on user feedback.

*Note: This version of the plugin has been tested in WordPress 2.x as well as recent versions of WordPress MU. Please let me know by commenting here if you run into any issues.

This program is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license.