WordPress Tagboard Plugin / Widget

[Update] – This plugin is stale

Sorry, but this hasn’t been maintained in a while and may be unsuitable for use in current versions of WordPress, since I don’t use it anymore and therefore haven’t tried it.

It’s also unlikely that I’ll be updating it in the future, but the code is out there and I heartily encourage anyone who wants to take it over / fork it to do so.

[2009/09/12] Thinking about updating this again… please leave a comment here to let me know if you’d be interested in using it.

FreePress Tagboard 2.2 is a tagboard plugin for WordPress blogs.

It is based on the excellent AJAX Shoutbox tagboard originally published by Andrew Sutherland, with a few modifications to make it work the way I wanted it to.

Key features include:

  • All the AJAX-y goodness of the original, so that all the participants can see the new messages in the conversation as it progresses, without refreshing the page.
  • Redesigned backend that uses the WordPress comment system to save and manage the messages submitted. This has the advantage of any spam prevention plugins (like Akismet and/or Spam Karma 2) to help keep the unwanted entries at bay.
  • Repackaged as a “widget“, which allows for easy configuration and placement in the sidebar.

Download FreePress Tagboard Widget
Temporarily unavailable pending a rewrite. Sorry.


  1. Extract all files in the archive into your plugins directory. The archive should contain a folder called “freepress”, which should be placed directly under the plugins directory, and all the files distributed with this plugin should be in the “freepress” folder. For example: /var/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/freepress/tagboardWidget.php
  2. If you are using the widgets plugin, the tagboard will automatically appear as an available widget for your sidebar.
  3. If you prefer to manually add the tagboard to your theme, you can insert the following code wherever you’d like the tagboard to show up:


If you are using the out-of-the-box options for WordPress (as of recent versions), there is a setting under Options \ Discussion with the label “Comment author must have a previously approved comment“, which is checked by default. If this remains checked, then it will apply to the tagboard as well (since it uses the WP comment system). This will mean that tags from previously unrecognized users will be held in moderation, and it will appear to those users that the tagboard is not working. If you don’t want this, I’d suggest unchecking the box for now. I’m debating whether to include that as a separate option in the tagboard config page and have the tagboard ignore that part of the WP comment filter, based on user feedback.

Bug fix notice:

Prior to version 2.1 of this plugin, there was an issue which resulted in non-registered users not being able to submit a tag using the tagboard. This was caused by an oversight on my part in remembering that the WordPress discussion option labeled “Comment author must fill out name and e-mail” is checked by default, and there is no e-mail address field provided by the tagboard. For now, it will just include a dummy address (for non-registered users) to avoid that issue. In the future, it will either add an e-mail field for non-registered users or avoid that restriction for the tagboard, depending on user feedback.

*Note: This version of the plugin has been tested in WordPress 2.x as well as recent versions of WordPress MU. Please let me know by commenting here if you run into any issues.

This program is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

125 Responses to WordPress Tagboard Plugin / Widget

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  2. sindhu says:

    hhello. the plugin doesnt work on my wp blog. version 2.0.3 keeps saying it needs at least one post to show the tagboard . and i post a tag but nothing shows up..wat to do ?

  3. JB says:

    Hmm… haven’t seen that one before. I’ll have to do some more thorough testing on various wp installations.

  4. S says:

    I’ve uploaded the plugin, and all that shows up is the raw php code? Any idea why this might be happening?

    Thanks. =)

  5. S says:

    Hmm.. nevermind, it was a space in the code. =P

  6. Maya says:

    Two different blogs, same error. On Manage –> Tagboard:

    WordPress database error: [Table 'mayawp.wp_liveshoutbox' doesn't exist]
    SELECT id FROM wp_liveshoutbox ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1

    as a result no-one, except registered users, can post on my tagboard. WP version: 2.0.1 (both blogs)

    How am I supposed to fix it?

  7. JB says:

    That error message is due to a bug in the admin page, but should not affect the operation of the tagboard.

  8. Moof says:

    I just installed Tagboard, and really like it … but I have only one problem – I have the Quick Tags plug in for my comments, and those buttons have ended up on between the tagboard text box, and the tag board entry box …

    I’ve tried most of the day to figure out how to get rid of the quick tags on the tag board, or at least move them down to below the entry box and submit button, but I’ve been unsuccessful.

    Can you give me any advice please? I don’t want to get rid of the Quick Tags, because I use the constantly.

    Thank you!

  9. Moof says:

    Actually, I just tried to reply to a comment on a post in my blog, and tried to use my Quick Tags to put a link into my comment, and the Quick Tag went to my tagboard instead of my comment box.

    I tried again with a different tag (emphasis) and discovered that it also vanished, and ended up in the tagboard.

    Is there a way to prevent this?

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  11. Dan says:

    You need to update the link in your plugin. And I also bundled it with a little mod with my theme. I know you won’t care I broke the license.

  12. JaredB says:

    I’m suing.

    What license are you using?

  13. Dan says:

    I don’t even know, I might just use the same you are and then I don’t have to worry. I was going to use CC but you use GNU, right?

  14. Dan says:

    Oh, wow you use CC. That’s a change.

  15. JaredB says:

    Only on that tagboard plugin, because I have to, since (for now) it’s based on parts of another one that was CC. I use GPL for everything else.

  16. Moof says:

    Does this plugin still conflict with the “quick tags” plugin?

  17. JB says:

    I’m not sure, I’ve never tried a plugin called “quick tags”. I don’t see why it would conflict with any other plugins off the top of my head, but if you have a url for the one you’re referring to, I could check it out.

  18. Dan says:

    It did conflict before but not anymore. The reason, you used the comment form in your old plugin and quicktags places the code before all comment forms, leaving quicktags in the tagboard.

  19. aseed says:

    merci je teste toute de suite in wp 2.0.4

  20. JB says:

    I’m not sure on the translation there, but I am running 2.0.4 on this site, and it seems to work fine, if that’s what you were asking.

  21. guest_8548 says:

    Non user can submit the message on tagboard. I’m using WordPress MU. Only for registered user can submit the message

    Is there any fix for this ?

  22. guest_8548 says:

    Sorry, i mean is that non user can’t submit the message :)

  23. JB says:

    I’ll take a look at it; I’ve been meaning to polish this up anyway, since there seems to be more interest recently.

  24. johnnyroyale says:

    i’m having the same problem with non-user putting comments in. i’m just after a degree of spam protection over the original wordspew plugin.

  25. JB says:

    Yep, that was my goal too. Looks like I just didn’t do enough testing. I’ll aim to have a new release up tonight.

  26. JB says:

    OK, should be fixed now.

  27. ISP says:

    oke, thanks it’s work now :)

    i have a little modification to tagboardWidget.php to avoid sql error message on admin page.

    line 153 remove
    get_var(“SELECT id FROM “.$table_prefix.”liveshoutbox ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1″);
    echo $results; ?>

    change it with

    now the admin will not see sql error message again when manage tagboard :)

    great plugin and i will keep to using it.

  28. KnicKnac says:

    Hey, great little widget, thanks a ton!

  29. JB says:

    Thanks. I’ve incorporated the fix for the admin page (displaying the number of tags) that is described above into version 2.2, which is now available.

  30. KnicKnac says:

    Hey thanks for the fix, I was running into trouble while testing it, and this seems to have fixed it!

  31. KnicKnac says:

    Oops, forgot to add…I sure would like for you to incorporate an email addy, that would be cool. Something that would not be published anywhere on the site, but I would know.

  32. johnnyroyale says:

    i’ve just upgraded to 2.2 and now i have no functionality at all. box shows up and is displayed as before, but there is no posting, nothing held for moderation.

    also i use ecto to post and i have noticed that “freepress” creates a post on the blog. is this supposed to happen ? i noticed it when i refreshed my posts in ecto.

  33. JB says:

    Hmm… I haven’t seen that one yet. I will do some more testing tonight, and perhaps add a “clear” function that will reset everything to the defaults, in case something goes wrong.

    I haven’t tried ecto, but yes, the tagboard does store the “tags” as comments on a private post, which should cause it to stay out of feeds, etc. but it may show up in a tool like ecto.

    Actually, since you mentioned that, I’m wondering whether you deleted that post accidentally, which would definitely cause the problem it looks like you’re experiencing.

    If that’s the case, try going into your options table in your database and deleting an option with the name “widget_fp_tagboard_postid”. Delete that row (not just the value). This should cause the plugin to reinitialize itself as it would on a clean install. Like I said above, I’m considering adding an admin page link to do this automatically, but for now you just have to remove it in the DB.

    Hope that helps. If not, let me know.

  34. Maya says:

    I sure would like for you to incorporate an email addy, that would be cool. Something that would not be published anywhere on the site, but I would know.

    I agree :) I’m testing the new version right now ^^

  35. KnicKnac says:

    Hi! I really like this widget, but do we have any options on the size of the comment box? Mine is going out from my sidebar and I would rather it didn’t. I would rather have a skinny one like yours!

  36. KnicKnac says:

    Nevermind! I figured it out, someone had put a long link in their comment and I edited it and fixed it! Thanks for a great widget!

  37. ovidiu says:

    hi there,

    I have one question:

    my commentform displays a checkbox to sign up for a gravatar, so this checkbox is also displayed below the send button of the shoutbox, how could I disable that as it is of no use there?

  38. ovidiu says:

    ahh, I am a little bit confused, I just found a post, which seems to have all the comments of the shoutbox attached in my main category – what exactly is that thing doing? I did not find any hint that this is going to happen!?

    check it out here: http://zice.ro/blog/2006/10/19/fp-tagboard/ I do not want this to display, can I hide it or is it necessary for the tagboard?

  39. ovidiu says:

    sorry for flooding your comments: I partially solved the problem, I password protected this post and now it will not show up anywhere, still I would appreciate if somebody explained this thing to me, please

  40. JB says:

    ovidiu: I’ll have to check later on the whole gravatar thing.

    The post is how the tagboard stores its “tags” – as comments to a private post.

    You don’t actually need to password protect this post, since no one else will be able to see it. You can test this by trying to see the page from another browser or computer that you are not logged in to your blog on.

  41. ovidiu says:

    ok, I found that out, but my site map plugin sees the post as long as it is not password protected.

    I just tested if the tagbox still works if I password protected that post and its ok.

    please check that gravatar and signup for follow up thingy, please.

  42. ovidiu says:

    and now I realize firefox display the post on the frontpage even if it is marked as private.

    can you give me some hints/suggestions on how to fix this? also I have problems displaying the whole shoutbox, except the text input field in my sidebars orange color…

  43. JB says:

    Are you sure that you are not logged in to your blog in that Firefox session? I just went to your site using Firefox and I don’t see the tagboard post anywhere (including the sitemap). Even if I specifically try the URL you posted above (direct link to the tagboard page) I get a 404.

    As for the gravatar & subscribe thing, my plugin calls the standard WP action that gets called whenever a comment form is drawn. This is to aid in any spam prevention techniques that some anti-spam plugins employ, which involve adding various hidden fields to the comment form, etc.

    You are obviously using a plugin (or combination of plugins) that hooks to this event and draws the subscribe and gravatar additional check boxes. Since those are output from another plugin (not this one), it would be difficult (not to mention inappropriate) for me to filter them out. I would suggest hiding them using CSS. I’d be glad to help you with a CSS rule that would hide them, but I wouldn’t want to alter my plugin to work around that issue, since it’s a “feature” not a “bug”. :)

    #wordspew p.subscribe-to-comments {display: none;}
    should do the trick for the “subscribe” one. The gravatar one will be a little trickier, since they neglected to add ids or class names to all the necessary parts of that piece. You’d have to use adjacent selectors, which aren’t very well supported in most browsers, so I’d recommend seeing if you can alter the template for that plugin to include an ID or class name you can use on the elements you need to hide.

  44. ovidiu says:

    thx for helping out,

    still there is much left to do, maybe you can give me some more hints.
    I used your suggestion and this is what now works for me:
    #wordspew p.subscribe-to-comments { display: none; }
    .gravatar-signup p { display:none }
    Do not ask me why the second line works without the #wordspew in front of it and still displays on the left side, anyway it works but I have heard it does not conform in IE – can you confirm that?
    Next problem is now that the comment quick tag bar display not only below comments but below the shoutbox too.
    And I am still trying to work out how to adapt the tagbox to “display” the right color, aka blend in with the sidebar orange.
    And another one would be that the ajax search box above the tagbar expands over the tagbox instead of pushing it down :-(

    could you give me a helping hand with these? I am even interested in “paid support” as far as I can afford it, I am desperately trying to get the design up and done so I can start concentrating on the content.


  45. Carlos says:

    I delete the message de installed by default, And I cannot activate it, requests that message to me, as I can recover the message?

  46. JB says:

    ovidiu: sorry I can’t help much more on doing custom CSS and integrating with other plugins that I didn’t write for now. Perhaps later, when I have more time. As soon as I can, I’ll try to make a style guide so that people who are tweaking their own sites can at least have some idea of how it should work.

    My basic goal was to have it look OK by default in a default WordPress install, with the assumption that anyone who is tweaking their theme will be able to add their own rules to change the look of the tagboard as well. I realize that isn’t always going to be true, and I also didn’t think about the fact that other plugins could be adding visible stuff to the comment form rendering hooks, but I’m not sure what I can do about that in a way that would apply to everyone; I think it would only have to be on a per case basis, which I unfortunately couldn’t sustain supporting on my own.

    Carlos: I’m unclear exactly what you’re saying, but if my assumption that when you say “delete the message” you mean that you deleted the private post that the plugins stores the comments in, the fix is currently described here.

  47. Mel says:

    Hi, I’m using this as a widget on K2 theme. It’s on the sidebar. Is there anyway for me to alter the plugin/widget such that i can change the width of the widget?

    it’s not showing up correctly on IE.

  48. JB says:

    You should be able to adjust the width just using CSS rules. Do you have a URL example?

  49. dan says:

    Hey, I’m getting a “No Access for you!” when I try to manage the plugin. Might be my setup, with having two blogs sharing tables except admin but I’d like to get in there.

  50. Carlos says:

    Help me please!! I delete the message: Congratulations, your tagboard is now installed!

    I cannot form it

  51. JB says:

    Not sure what that could be.

  52. Robert Jones says:

    We’ve just installed this plugin on a wmpu installation, but nothing is happening. The sidebar widget shows up, and when we drop it in, we get the welcome message, but nothing else. Using Firebug, I can see that the xmlhttp requests are firing off to the right location, but 0 is coming back. When I send of a POST with a new comment, nothing comes back. If I manually add a comment to the private holder post, it shows up fine in the chat box.

    Any ideas? We are using SK2.

  53. JaredB says:

    Any chance you have the “Comment author must have a previously approved comment“ option set?

  54. amv says:

    very good work. However, playing around with a few needed modifications (like, display posts with ascending, rather than descending order -would be nice and easy to have as option- and after messing up the colors) I finally broke something. Tried to do an overwrite, but settings remained the same.

    Any advice on doing a clean uninstall – reinstall? Thank you.

  55. Craig says:

    Hi there first of all thank you for working on this plugin I really love it!!!

    Now my Problem: I just installed a new Blog with WP 2.5, installed your Plugin Widget, activated it, unchecked all “Before a comment appears:” options, but I am not able to write any messages. After fiddeling around a bit I accidentally deleted your first “congrats” post, but never the less after typing a new messages nothing appears .

    Only your “You need at least one entry in your shoutbox! Just type in a message now and reload, then you should be fine.” Well it isn’t fine.

    I deleted the plugin installed it again but still no change.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance for your support!


  56. Craig says:

    After going into the options table in my database and deleting the option with the name “widget_fp_tagboard_postid� and then reinstalling the Plugin fixed my problem!

    Thanks for this wonderful Plugin!

  57. Eka says:

    Hello, is it possible to make alternating background for each tagboard entry? I tried using the code from the comments.php file, but failed as I know no PHP. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  58. Jayelle says:

    Hi! I installed the plugin and activated it. A page came out saying that it is my Tagboard Placeholder or something. But as a blog entry. I don’t get it.

    I can’t find it anywhere on my sidebar as well.:( Please help!

  59. Bob says:

    Hi, I have installed your plugin and have it working, but I am running into one fairly big problem. Any post to it winds up getting caught by askimet. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Is there anything you could do to help me on this?

  60. JB says:

    Probably not until a new version comes out. The “feature” I added for automatically providing an e-mail address to the tag comments was a bad idea in hindsight. Originally it was to work around the people who require e-mail addresses for commenting, but the hardcoded one that gets added is added to the spam tags as well and eventually flagged in Akismet. I’ll need to post a new version to correct this, and just add an e-mail field for people who require e-mail addresses for posting comments.

  61. Bob says:

    Cool beans…any idea when that new version will be available?

  62. tg says:

    hello,had a question,how can I resize the chatbox width? thankyou.

  63. JB says:

    Sorry for the delayed reply. You can definitely adjust any aspects of the display using CSS rules.

    When I update these for WP 2.1 and rerelease (any day now…) I will aim to not have any extra CSS included / required by default, so that it looks OK without modification and then is more easily customized if that’s what you want to do.

  64. mohamednazmi says:

    I’m running WPMU, and modified your plugin a little to make it work in mu-plugins, and am looking forward to the new version. However, this plugin is broken by the More Smilies plugin with messages similar to here. Is there anything that can be done to resolve this? Thanks.

  65. Cannot download the zip file. Download link broken?

    Opens an HTML page. Right Click -> download also download the same page as a file with .zip extension.

    Please write back!

  66. ovizii says:

    hello still using your plugin and have some questions:

    - did you know that because your plugin is using the commentform, if I have the tagboard and a post in single view on the same “page” it does not validate because the commentform uses IDs to identify its parts, so that I have several elements with the same ID on the same page, so it does not validate.

    Furthermore, severall spam plugins like akismet or sk2 do also judge comments based on the email adress so comments by someone with this dummy email address will not be punished that hard, because there area a lot of comments in the DB from this email and this makes these spam plugins believe its the same commenter and give it some extra points…

  67. JB says:

    Shrikant: Yes, I’ve taken this one down for the time being, as it needs rewriting.

    ovizii: Yes, the reasons you mentioned are some of the ones that inspired me to do a rewrite on this plugin, and not offer it again until they are fixed.

  68. ovizii says:

    ok, nice to see authors taking care of such unimportant issues as validation ;-)

    I just spent 2 hours trying to validate some blogs I maintain and most of the work I was doing was changing plugins output, not actually the template :-(

    I’ll keep checking your site for updates.

  69. jk says:

    can’t wait till the new version comes out. I’m not sure long I can tolerate using cbox …

  70. Heidi says:

    I was wondering when you were going to complete the re-write and if it is not soonish then if you don’t mind posting the code again and open sourcing it license wise I would like to use it and make contributions to it.


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  72. can someone please email this widget to me since he took the download link down :) thx

  73. Cheeky Monkey says:

    This plug-in seems to be exactly what I’m looking for for my WPMU install!

    Is there a link to the old version anywhere that I can try on my test installation whilst waiting for the new release?

    By the way, does anyone know why the original shoutbox WordPress plugin won’t work with WordPressMu? (http://blog.jalenack.com/ajax/)

    If it requires small code changes to get it working then I’m happy to do this, just need a steer in the right direction

  74. JB says:

    Looks like by popular demand I’ll need to dig this up again and post the link out there, since I probably won’t get around to updating it any time soon.

    To answer your question, the original stored the tagboard entries in a separate unique table, so it wouldn’t work in MU since each blog in MU gets its own set of tables.

    Mine was altered to store (and process, including spam filtering) the tags as comments to a private post, so they were stored in the individual blog’s comments table(s) in an MU install.

  75. mike says:

    Hope to see the re-release of this plugin again.

    I’ve tried to search all possible plugins, looks like only this is the best for WPMU.

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  77. Gambit says:

    Hi! Any idea if and when this plugin be available again?

    And thanks for all your plugins, they are really really appreciated!

  78. Alli says:

    I’m also wondering the same thing – this sounds like an awesome plugin. I’d love to give it a whirl. =)

  79. Jonic says:

    Dropping my name on the list of people that are looking forward to the next release :) It sounds like exactly what I need for a MU powered site I’m working on…

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  84. ovidiu says:


    I need some help. I have been using this plugin for quite a while, but now I wanted to give people access to the “archives” aka make a page called shoutbox archive that people can access and read all older comments. any idea how to do this?
    if possible, the comments should be viewed in reverse order from newest to oldest.

    I mean I can always just point a link to the post but the sort order is still not ok. can I assign a tempalte to a post or how can I format this?

  85. JB says:

    Yes, the best thing to do would probably be to change the post to a page, which you can then apply a different template to.

  86. ovidiu says:

    would your plugin continue working if I change the post to a page? I mean I would do it using phpmysqladmin, so the post_id and other stuff would remain the same…

  87. JB says:

    Yeah, it shouldn’t be a problem, although I haven’t tested it.

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  98. Peek says:

    When will this be available for download?

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